This new bezel-less smartphone is everything iPhone eight is rumoured to be; did Foxconn outsmart Apple?

This new bezel-less smartphone is everything iPhone eight is rumoured to be; did Foxconn outsmart Apple?

Apple iPhone 8 - Top 5 highly anticipated features
Apple iPhone 8 - Top 5 highly anticipated features

Smartphone makers have diverted their focus on the way how phones look these days. From Samsung to LG and soon Apple, every popular OEM is making sure they have what it needs to win the flagship race.

The year 2017 has witnessed a massive chunk of bezels trimmed from flagship smartphones. Samsung Galaxy S8 series, LG G6 and Andy Rubin's Essential smartphone are great examples of how smartphones of the future look like. Before you jump on that decision to buy one of these, lo and behold, as Sharp is out with a stylish new smartphone that is worth considering.

The Japanese electronics manufacturer owned by Foxconn launched a flagship smartphone - Aquos S2 – to combat against the biggies such as Samsung, LG and Apple. Sharp has carefully implemented every success formula into its smartphone, but sadly limited the phone's availability to China.

Pricing and availability

Before we dive right into the specs of the phone, it is important to note that Sharp Aquos S2 is priced at ¥2499 (approximately Rs 23,800) for the 64GB storage model and ¥3499 (approximately Rs 33,300) for the high-end variant with 128GB storage. The smartphone will be available on starting August 14. International availability is still a mystery.

What makes Sharp Aquos S2 unique?

Two things really. Sharp Aquos S2 comes in a truly bezel-less form that is easy to catch an eye and there is a dual camera setup at the back that is hard to miss. The company describes Aquos S2 has a 'tri-bezel' design with minimal top and side bezels and a standard bezel at the bottom to house the home button. The smartphone is created up of metal and glass, which supplies a premium look and feel in hand.

The Aquos S2 options a five.5-inch screen with 2040x1080 pixels and uses Sharp's free morpheme show (FFD) technology. The smartphone boasts AN eighty seven.5 p.c screen-to-body magnitude relation, that makes the phone compact despite its massive screen.

Turn over to the rear, and there is a twin camera setup. There ar a 12MP primary detector ANd an 8MP secondary one to capture the depth-of-field read. there is a twin semiconductor diode flash on the rear, and therefore the camera module is organized vertically. No smartphone has vertically-placed cameras at the rear, creating it the primary of its kind.

The overall style of Sharp Aquos S2 utterly aligns with the rumours concerning the approaching iPhone 8's style. Bezel-less OLED show, twin camera placed vertically ar the highlights of iPhone 8's style. however it will not be a contemporary plan since Sharp has already shown the globe a live demonstration with its Aquos S2.

Foxconn is Apple's primary contract-manufacturer and is it potential that the corporate took a touch of iPhone 8's style for the Aquos S2 or is it the opposite manner around. We'll understand this obviously once Apple launches the iPhone eight in Gregorian calendar month.

Key specifications

Sharp Aquos S2 has specifications that match the phone's worth. There ar 2 variants of the phone, one with flower 630 for the 64GB model with 4GB RAM and another one with flower 660 chipset for the 128GB model with 6GB RAM. each models have expandable storage.

Sharp Aquos S2 options AN 8MP front-facing snapper and a fingerprint scanner is placed at the slim home button. At 3.6mm, it's the world's narrowest fingerprint scanner.

The smartphone is battery-powered by a three,020mAh battery with fast Charge three.0 and runs mechanical man seven.1 candy primarily based SmileUX.

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