You can currently share apps and music directly in WhatsApp

WhatsApp is adding a spanking new feature in its latest update: the flexibility to share any file kind.

WhatsApp antecedently supported solely documents, photos, and videos, however currently users will share any file up to a hundred MB. This new update may sway be implausibly helpful for those who wish to share practicable or different obscure files.

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It may even be helpful for United Nations agency|people that|folks that|those that|those who} use WhatsApp at work who would otherwise have to be compelled to share via email. Combined with the desktop and net apps, this makes WhatsApp a strong light-weight electronic messaging service that you simply will use with groups or at intervals alittle business, additionally to exploitation with friends.

"There could be a immense profit to having the ability to send any file kind through WhatsApp. additional significantly, the flexibility to send uncompressed media up to 100MB, means activists will in private share extraordinarily prime quality photos and video for human rights functions," same Nathan Freitas, Director of Guardian Project, a mobile security software package collective, in associate degree emailed statement to Mashable.

"While there's some risk here that WhatsApp may cause the unfold of malicious malware versions of humanoid apps, there's conjointly nice profit that individuals will share apps directly, while not the necessity for app stores. this is often useful for those who sleep in countries like Asian nation, Russia, and China wherever sure apps square measure illegal or censored , or wherever Google Play does not exist the least bit."

Freitas same that there would be no risk on iOS, since the Apple App store method is far additional barred down.

Damon McCoy, a technology and Engineering academician at the NYU Tandon faculty of Engineering, same that "most cellphones unless you root them can solely permit you to run apps if they’re from official stores." In regions wherever maturation is additional common, this might doubtless open up users to malware.

While the majority solely use the app on their phone, the online and desktop shoppers might be used for file sharing — which might mean that a similar threats of clicking on links and downloading files on the online would apply.

Though it started as a basic chat app, WhatsApp has steady superimposed additional advanced options like video occupation. The new update conjointly adds alittle however neat feature — gap to camera read mechanically shows a roll of your recent photos and videos.

In some countries it’s common apply to root your phone — in regions like this can be additional of a security concern. Still, we expect it's price a transfer. The update extended to each iOS and humanoid users these days.

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