'Was he for real?': the net erupts as a North American country congresswoman asks a senior independent agency panel if aliens lived on Mars 'thousands of years ago'

A North American country congresswoman has shocked a panel of senior independent agency scientists with a matter regarding alien life on Mars.
California Republican Danu Rohrabacher queried whether or not Associate in Nursing alien civilisation lived on Mars 'thousands of years ago', asking independent agency officers 'would you rule that out?'
After he was told by a panel member that Associate in Nursing ancient colony on Mars was 'extremely unlikely', the net erupted with responses to the freakish exchange, with one commenter asking: 'Was he for real?'

Others defended the congressman's queries, with one Reddit user saying: 'Normal folks don't have any plan or maybe have confidence any civilisation outside of Earth and that they do not get to raise queries like this, thus this man simply cleared that up for the globe.'
The congressman's comments were created on weekday throughout a hearing of the house Committee on Science, Space, and Technology on approaching independent agency exploration missions.
The hearing, control in Washington DC on weekday, mentioned many of Nasa's big-budget plans, as well as a Mars 2020 rover, a Galilean satellite flyby mission, and doubtless a follow-up lander to the Jovian moon Galilean satellite.
After a series of respectable queries from variety folks officers, Mr Rohrabacher took to the electro-acoustic transducer.
Following a matter to the panel on Nasa's plans for a Mars sample come mission, he said: 'You have indicated that Mars had a, was altogether completely different thousands of years past.

Mars was way wetter and hotter billions of years past, and scientists have spent decades finding out its soil and atmosphere to see if it once control life.
In a groundbreaking study in 2015, scientists claimed the superior planet once had a lot of water than the ocean - and also the planet unbroken these oceans for over one.5 billion years.
The findings prompt there was ample time and water always on Mars to thrive, however over the last three.7 billion years the superior planet has lost eighty seven per cent of its water - feat it barren and dry.
The study by scientists at Nasa’s Robert Hutchings Goddard house Flight Center in belt, Maryland, was the primary to see simply what quantity water Mars had in its past.

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